Baby Golden Retriever Facts, Adoption, Growth

Baby Golden Retriever Facts, Adoption, Growth

A newborn Golden Retriever puppy is helpless and entirely dependent on the mother. It comes out of this world blind and deaf, and its eyes and ears are close. Additionally, it is born with its signature golden coat. Since a baby Golden Retriever cannot regulate its body heat, it stays close to the mother and other litters. This puppy is unable to stand on its own as its legs cannot support its body weight.  If this newborn pup wants to move, it only crawls on its belly.

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Baby Golden Retriever Facts and Information

One Week Old

After a week, the baby Golden Retriever significantly grows, doubling its birth weight. The eyes and ears are still close, but eventually, it will start to open. At two weeks old, the baby Golden Retriever already opens its eyes and ears. Its visions are not perfect just yet; however, it can now perceive shapes and large objects. Considering that its ears are all open this time, a Golden Retriever puppy responds to sound. So it is necessary to avoid loud sounds so as not to scare it. Its senses are developing quickly at this stage; thus, it may start exploring its den. 

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Three Weeks Old

Within three weeks, a Golden Retriever puppy has more balance on its feet, gaining more confidence to walk. For the first time, a baby Golden Retriever starts to play with other litters. Along with this development, the pup becomes more vocal and begins to bark and wine. Breeders may now introduce early socialization training. Crate and potty training may commence as well. 

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Four Weeks Old

During the fourth week, a baby Golden Retriever’s teeth are fully-formed; thus, weaning is already possible. The pup can now eat some solid food, but it still gets most of its nutritional needs from its mother’s milk. Another milestone for the baby Golden Retriever is urinating and defecating without its mother’s assistance. At five weeks old, a baby Golden pup already knows how to show off its ability to walk and run. It also participates in small play-fights with its den mates. At this age, Socialization training must go well.  The puppy must establish a good relationship with people of all ages, especially children.

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Six Week Old

At six weeks old, a baby Golden Retriever is fully weaned. It does not need its mother’s milk. It gets its sustenance from high-quality solid food. During this stage, the puppy has more energy and vigor that it starts to play, wander, and explore its surroundings. Within seven weeks, a baby Golden Retriever is almost set to go to its new home. However, it still needs to complete its little development since the fear period starts at this stage. It is a period where a baby Golden Retriever learns to be careful and vigilant. The breeders need to be cautious, not to scare the little pup to prevent it from developing a lifelong fear.

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Eight Weeks Old

On the eighth week, the baby Golden Retriever is fully developed and transforms into an independent little dog. It is now ready to go to its new home. At eight weeks old, the weight of this pup is approximately 10-11 pounds. It is fully weaned and receives basic potty and crate training with enough socialization practices.

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