Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever

Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever

More often than not, new dog owners have difficulty deciding what dog to have for their family. It is more daunting if you are to choose between a Bernese Mountain dog and a Golden Retriever. To ease your confusion, we listed a few details about each dog, so please read on. 

Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever

  • Origin

The Bernese Mountain dog gets its origin from breeding between a Roman Mastiff and a Swiss Alp farm dog in Switzerland. This new breed is called Berner, and it serves as a companion, pulls carts, and guard livestock for 2000 years. In the late 1800s, Berna comes into existence. It is a dog club that aims to preserve native breeds, including Berners. After several events, this breed starts to make a name in Europe, and in early 1900 this dog was called Bernese. After the First World War, this breed traveled to America and other countries with immigrants. In 1981 this canine was recognized by the AKC and thus became a member.  

The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, came from Scotland in the mid-1800s. Lord Tweedmouth breed this dog because he wants to have a hunting dog that is attentive and devoted to people.  In 1911 the Golden Retriever was recognized by the Kennel Club in England as Retriever, yellow, or golden. However, in 1920, the breed was called Golden Retriever up to these days.

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  • Physique

The physique of a Bernese Mountain Dog is large, robust, and sturdy. The body is a little bit longer than its tail. The head is broad, flat at the top, and with a strong and straight muzzle. Its ears are medium in size, triangular in shape, and rounded at the tip. Its legs are strong and straight with round and arched toes. The coat of a Bernese Mountain Dog is thick and moderately long and wavy, although some are straight. The tricolor coat with symmetrical markings of black, white, and rust makes this dog unique.

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In comparison, a Golden Retriever is a muscular and large-sized dog. Just like the Bernese Mountain Dog, this breed has a broad head with a straight muzzle. The color of its nose is black or brownish-black. Its large or medium-sized eyes are dark brown. The ears are floppy and usually hang down closer to its cheeks. The coat is thick and straight, though some Golden Retrievers have wavy hair. The shades of its hair may be cream, golden, or rich golden.

  • Behavior

A Bernese Mountain Dog has similarities with a Golden Retriever since this dog loves children. It is intelligent, easy to train, and a watchdog by nature, but it is not aggressive. A Bernese Mountain Dog is faithful, alert, gentle, and friendly. But, it is essential to socialize it while it is still a puppy. Unlike other breeds, this canine has late maturity issues. Sometimes it is sensitive and stubborn. For that, you need to be consistent with your discipline and training. Let it know the rules that you are its master. This breed is hardworking, so you can train it to pull cart or wagon.

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The Golden Retriever is a gentle, adorable, intelligent, and charming dog. Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, it loves children, but it is patient towards little kids. Since this breed is super friendly and loves to be with people, it can never be a good guard dog. However, it can be an excellent watchdog. It loudly barks when a stranger is approaching. Another attribute of this dog is being smart and highly trainable. It loves to please its masters, so obedience training is not a problem. Despite being calm and patient, a Golden Retriever becomes destructive when it is agitated. So never leave it alone for long hours; otherwise, it will chew your shoes and furniture.

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