Black Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Black Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Prominent among the Golden Retriever breed is a Black Golden Retriever. It has the same characteristics found in any ordinary Golden retriever, but it comes in midnight black shade. Some think that Black Golden Retriever is just a myth; however, this isn’t true. Black Golden Retriever does exist – it can be purebred as well. 

Other people think that a Black Golden is not a Golden Retriever; instead, it is a Flat-Coated Retriever. The Flat-Coated Golden resembles a Black Golden  Retriever, and they share the same characteristics, yet it is entirely a different breed.  However, evidence shows that a Black Golden can be a pure breed. It is just a mere result of a somatic mutation, which is a modification in the DNA of a cell. This mutation may result in a Golden born with black pigments in their coats, or the entire hair is purely black. 

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Black Golden Retriever Facts and Information

A pure breed Black Golden Retriever will still carry the trademark of a Golden Retriever. It will never be brown or dark brown. The eyes won’t be black or blue; it will always be the same brown eyes that all Golden Retrievers have. Other than the color, a Black Golden Retriever is still identical to its Golden Retriever cousins. Both will have similar size and shedding fur.

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Like traditional Golden Retriever, the Black Golden is gentle, calm, smart, and easy to train. It is most suitable for children and the elderly. This breed loves vigorous exercise; if it gets sufficient workout, it will never wander away even if it is off-leashed. Another distinct feature of a Black Golden Retriever, apart from its color, is the hair. It is not curly and thick; that is why grooming a Black Golden Retriever is effortless.

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Moreover, a Black Golden Retriever has similar health issues with a traditional Golden Retriever. It will also suffer from cancer, hip dysplasia, cataracts, thyroid problem, allergies, and epilepsy. Apart from that, this dog is susceptible to skin conditions such as congenital ichthyosis. It is a skin condition that causes the growth of scaly skin that is similar to fish scales. This skin disease is incurable, but dog owners can control it by using special shampoos. 

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If you want to adopt a Black Golden Retriever, you need to remember that this breed is just a result of genetic mutation. For that, you should expect that this dog is rare and a bit pricey compared to the ordinary Golden Retriever. To ensure that you will get a genuine Black Golden Retriever, you need to contact legitimate Golden Retriever retrievers. These people are selling both American and Canadian Golden Retrievers. So check if they have black marked up pups in their litters.

It is difficult to identify a pure breed Black Golden Retriever from a crossbreed. Always remember that a Black Golden Retriever breed is rare. So beware of people who claim to breed pure Black Golden Retriever. For all you know, that pup is just a crossbreed of a Golden Retriever with other Black breeds.