Border Collie Golden Retriever

Border Collie Golden Retriever

If you are looking for an energetic, loyal, gentle, and loving dog, a Border Collie Golden Retriever might be your best choice. This dog is a crossbred between a Border Collie and a Golden Retriever.  These days, people call this breed a Golden Border Retriever, Golden Border Collie Retriever, or a Coltriever. This hybrid canine loves to be with people just like its parent. It always tags along with its owners as much as possible. To understand this dog better, you must learn the trait of each parent.

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Border Collie Golden Retriever

The Parent of a Border Collie Golden Retriever

  • BORDER COLLIE – The Border Collie originally comes from the United Kingdom; it serves as a herd and a guard dog for sheep. However, this breed is also taken as a pet because it is smart, active, and energetic. Although it is sensitive to its owner’s mood and feelings, this dog does not like to snuggle with its owners.  Since this dog is hyperactive, you must give it some strenuous activities to keep them busy. Otherwise, it gets bored and becomes destructive and chews your shoes and furniture. Additionally, Border Collies are stubborn and strong-willed, so you need to be firm and consistent with your discipline.  

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  • GOLDEN RETRIEVER – The Golden Retriever’s origin dates back to the early 1900s. It specializes in hunting activities such as retrieving shot waterfowls. For that, this dog becomes famous for its hunting skills. These days, this breed serves as a search and rescue dog and a bomb detection canine. As a pet, this breed loves to socialize with people; it enjoys long outdoor hikes and loves the water as well. Despite being a hunter, the Golden Retriever is loving, gentle, loyal, and patient, not to mention its intelligence and an overload of energy. 

The Border Collie Golden Retriever 

Now, you already know the parents, so it’s time to meet the Border Collie Golden Retriever designer dog. 

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A Border Collie Golden Retriever has adorable looks. Considering that it is crossbreed by two wholesome and magnificent dogs, it gets the best of both worlds. This canine’s head has the shape of a Golden Retriever, but the ears are shorter than its Golden parent. It has webbed feet and a rudder-like tail, just like a Golden Retriever. This canine weighs around 34 – 88 pounds. It all depends on the genes it inherits. Its height, on the other hand, is 17 inches or more. Since it is a hybrid dog, some Border Collie Golden Retriever stands taller than their siblings. Lastly, this breed comes in various colors, such as black, white, yellow, pale, brown, or chocolate. 

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This breed is an appropriate companion for a family or single person. Since it is a mixed-breed, a Border Collie Golden Retriever possesses unique and admirable personality traits. It is more fun to be with, caring, loving, loyal, and smart. This breed is easy to train and learn new tasks and tricks faster, just like its parents. Additionally, this is very patient and tolerant with kids’ naughty behavior. It is also craving attention that it gets bored and agitated when left alone for long hours. When it happens, it becomes destructive and chews your shoes or furniture. Nevertheless, a Border Collie Golden Retriever is indeed the best pet to have in your house.

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