It’s easy to see why golden retrievers are so beloved dogs. If you live in an apartment, you might wonder “Can golden retrievers live in apartments?” Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs? If they’re properly trained, given enough exercise and provided with mental stimulation, Golden Retrievers can be adapted to apartment living.

Can a Golden Retriever Live in Apartment?

9 Essential Rules to Follow

  1. Your dog should be taken out for walks and play at least three times daily.
  2. Your dog should be able to interact with other dogs.
  3. Do not forget to show your dog love and affection.
  4. Make sure you give your dog the best food possible.
  5. Don’t overfeed your dog. Your Golden must be at the perfect weight.
  6. Regularly brush your golden. You’ll definitely need a high quality slicker brush unless you already have one.
  7. As much as you can, take your Golden along. You should only leave your dog alone in an emergency.
  8. Your dog should have a comfortable place to sleep. If you feel comfortable, allow your Golden to sleep on the bed.
  9. Your Golden should be taken on long walks, runs, hiking, trekking, swimming and other outdoor activities at least two times per week.

Things to Consider Before Bringing Golden Retriever to your Apartment

1) Size of the Dog

You need to ensure your dog doesn’t outgrow your home. Both you and your dog need enough space. Many people recommend sticking with small to medium-sized breeds for apartment living.

Unfortunately, golden retrievers are large dogs. Male golden retrievers weigh 65-75 pounds, and females golden retrievers weigh 55-65 pounds. All retrievers can be classified as a “large-sized” dog. Due to their size, golden retrievers have a lot of dogs that aren’t suitable for apartment living.

Some apartment buildings place weight restrictions on dogs. Before you adopt a dog, check with your apartment complex. When it comes to the size of golden retrievers, they are not always ideal sized for apartments.

2) Take Care of your Neighbors

Dogs that bark all day are not what anyone wants in an apartment block. This can be addressed with positive reinforcement training, exercise, as well as providing entertainment for your dog.

Also, golden retrievers get “Zoomies”, which their owners call them. A golden retriever who gets the zoomies will run all over your home or apartment. Apartments that are not soundproofed can become very noisy.

Golden retrievers have moderate barking ability. Your golden can be trained to bark less with positive reinforcement and regular exercise. “Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?” is a recent article. You should check it out if golden retrievers bark a lot.

3) Noise and Energy Level

While Golden Retrievers may not be loud or yappy, they aren’t quiet. You can expect some barking. Golden Retrievers live a life of joy and excitement with such enthusiasm that they may bark with delight at the sight of anything that gives them joy.

You might see a squirrel leaping up and down through the windows. It may also be spotted outside by someone ringing the bell or children screeching in excitement. Sometimes, they may bark at you if you confuse them or frighten their pets.

4) Dogs At Heart

Expect your Golden Retriever behave like a Golden retriever, not a tiny lapdog or cat. Also, be ready to make some adjustments to your life. Expect a dog who is friendly, affectionate, and happy to please.

5) Going Potty

It’s essential to have a dog-friendly routine. It can be frustrating to have to go outside every day if your apartment doesn’t have a grassy area or you need to climb a few stairs to get your dog outside. Dr. Kristy Konn, a vet, stated that the average healthy dog produces approximately 10 to 20ml per pound of weight each day. Adult dogs should be allowed out to relieve themselves at the least 3-4 times per day.

It can be exhausting to have your dog go up and down stairs five times a day. However, it’s good for your dog and you. This is not only a good exercise for your dog, but also allows them to get fresh air and socialize. Dog ownership is an indirect benefit that allows you to get exercise.

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This isn’t possible for everyone. Consider acquiring an apartment on the 1st floor that has a patio if you have a dog and are considering buying an apartment. This will make it easier for your dog to go potty.

Pee pads can be used indoors to allow your dog to poo or pee, but this is only if it’s difficult for you to do so multiple times per day. While I am not a fan, I can understand why people use pee pads in urban apartments.

Although pee pads can be convenient, it is better to take your dog outside to use the potty. Pee pads allow your dog to associate outside with outdoor peeing. They can also be chewed by your golden retriever. But you can always choose BESTLE Extra Large Pet Training for your retriever if you want. 

Some people find artificial grass mats useful if they are short on time or cannot find grass patches close by. You can place it on your balcony, and it will simulate the experience of going outside. Take your dog for a walk whenever possible. It’s an excellent opportunity to socialize, exercise and get some fresh air.

We’ve covered the basics of potty training, so let’s get to the point. Let’s see how often a golden retriever pees. Dr. Kristy CONN says that smaller dogs and those who are younger tend to pee more often. Golden retrievers, being larger dogs, will produce more urine and poo. However, Golden Retrievers will have fewer pee breaks and poo than smaller breeds of dogs (except for puppies). This makes it great for apartment living, especially when you live on an upstairs floor.

6) Dogs with High levels of Energy will Require more Exercise.

Golden retrievers are very energetic. This is normal. It is normal for golden retrievers to run all day.

The smartest dog out there is the golden retriever. They are highly trainable. They can live in apartments with proper exercise and training. Service dogs are often trained with golden retrievers, which are friendly and easy to train. Service dogs are able to live in apartments, and they do fine. It is important that service dogs get active and use their energy.

7) Friendliness

It is important to socialize your dog with the neighbors. Apartment living gives your dog the opportunity to meet new people and dogs. Many apartments are pet-friendly and have designated areas for dog walking.

8) Training is Essential

It doesn’t matter if you have a big house or a small apartment, your ability to adjust golden retrievers to your lifestyle will depend on how well they are trained. It is possible to start with obedience training before moving on to teaching them how to do daily chores.

10_ Separation Anxiety

This breed of dog is social and friendly. Golden retrievers can develop separation anxiety when they are left alone or not given attention. This can eventually lead to sadness and depression.

11) Consider A Dog Walking Service

It is the best part of my week for my dogs. Once a week, we hire a dog walker who comes to our dogs. Dog walker allows them to take their dogs to new places each week. They also meet other dogs.

This is one of the most valuable things you can purchase if you have some extra cash. You might be surprised at how much it costs.

Your pet’s personality of being people-oriented means that you shouldn’t leave it alone for more than a few hours. Research has shown that a golden retriever should never be left alone for longer than seven hours each day.

Apartment living is a blessing! It is much easier to manage this issue if you live in close proximity to your neighbors. A pet sitter can be hired to care for your adorable furry companion.

It is important to potty train your golden retrievers and give them their food on time. Although golden retrievers can be trained at any age, it is best to begin training when they are still in puppy phase.

They have the most wonderful temperament. They are friendly and affectionate to the point of being annoying. This is a great choice for an apartment dog.

P.S. Never leave your golden retriever unattended particularly if you haven’t installed proper window safety guards. However, if you’re living on a ground level maybe you don’t need it.

What was the most valuable lesson I took away from this experience?

Dog owners must make time for their dog. Even the best of intentions can make it difficult to maintain a routine that is good for your dog. It doesn’t matter if it’s difficult to find the time to do the right thing for your dog, you can look into dog daycare or a dog walker to help you get them moving.

So Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

They are. No matter how small or large your house is, you can still have a golden retriever. It doesn’t really matter how much space you have in your home, but how much time you spend with them. A dog can make a great apartment dog or house dog. It all depends on the owner.

We hope that you no longer have to wonder if golden retrievers are allowed to live in apartments. Because it’s pretty clear that they absolutely can.

As with any pet, you just need to be familiar with your golden retriever. You will be a great dog parent if you keep these things in mind.

The good news? This breed of dog makes everything go smoothly. Apartment-living golden retrievers are great companions. Because of their intelligence and obedience, they can be trained to adapt to the environment. They don’t bark much, so they will be a good choice for your apartment-mates. Because they are work dogs, they can help you with many chores around the house. Our Golden loves helping us to weed the garden…