Chocolate Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Chocolate Golden Retriever Facts and Information

A Chocolate Golden Retriever is one of the many purebred varieties of Golden Retrievers. However, this dog is among the most sought-after designer dog breed these days. Its chocolate-colored coat does not make it less than a Golden. It is just a few of the many attributes that make this canine stand out from the rest of its breed. 

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The Chocolate Brown Retriever has different colors, from a medium brown to a very dark brown coat. The coat comes in short or medium hair lengths that usually shine all the time. Most Chocolate Brown Retrievers have brown eyes with matching broad brown nose. However, this canine may have skin pigmentation on its lips, nose, and eye rims. It is the result of the recessive genes this dog carries from conception to birth. 

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Chocolate Golden Retriever Facts

Attributes of a Chocolate Golden Retriever

If you have to bring a dog to your family with small children, your best option is to pick a Chocolate Golden Retriever. This dog is friendly and gentle so, it can get along with your kids and other pet animals as well. Even if this breed is super active and oozing with energy, it is sweet, adorable, and smart. Due to genetic influence, this dog may have unique behavior and physical traits different from other Golden Retrievers. 

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Another attribute of this kind of Golden Retriever is its intelligence. Sometimes this dog becomes stubborn and unwilling to be trained. However, most of the time, it behaves very well and follows orders and commands. Moreover, this Chocolate Golden Retriever is more resilient than other dog breeds. For that, it can easily adjust to its environment. 

Since this canine is famous for its intelligence and ability as a working dog, it can do multiple roles. The Chocolate Golden Retriever can be a therapy dog, guide dog, and a search and rescue dog. Not only that, this canine can be useful in detecting illegal drugs and bombs. 

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Similar to its Golden Retriever cousins, a Chocolate Golden Retriever is an attention-seeker dog. It hates to be alone for too long. It makes them lonely and agitated. So you must never leave your Chocolate Golden Retriever for more than 6 hours. If you are busy most of the time, it’s either you hire a caretaker for your dog or not to have a dog at all. 

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Grooming a Chocolate Golden Retriever

Grooming a dog is quite expensive, more so with a Chocolate Golden Retriever. However, if you know the right method of grooming your dog, then it will be cost-effective. Since this dog has a medium-sized thick coat, it is essential to brush its hair every day. Not only that, you need to moisturize its skin most of the time to prevent it from drying.

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Additionally, a Chocolate Golden Retriever needs a bath at least once a month to make it look fresh and clean. Never bathe this dog more than once a month because it makes its skin look dull and dry. Use appropriate shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine and luster of its hair. Always remember that an effective and proper grooming method creates an impact on how your dog looks all the time. 

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