Dark Red Golden Retriever

Dark Red Golden Retriever

The Dark Red Golden Retriever is just like any other Golden Retriever except for some differences. The most apparent disparity between the Red Golden Retriever and the Dark Red Golden Retriever is the color. This dog has a deeper mahogany shade, and its coat is a bit shorter. It is a little bit smaller than its Golden Retriever cousins. However, this canine is more athletic and oozing with energy as it is bred for hunting purposes. For that, this dog has a leaner and more compact body built. Despite the few differences, a Dark Red Golden Retriever is just as affectionate, gentle, friendly, smart, and a loyal family companion. 

Dark Red Golden Retriever

In General, the Dark Red Golden Retriever is great for shows.  Unfortunately, the American Kennel Club does not allow it since the AKC considers the dark red color a flaw.  It gets either a disqualification or a low score because the AKC and the World Canine Organization have strict guidelines. It suggests that any purebred Golden Retriever that is not golden in color does not qualify in the show ring.  So if you want to join a dog show competition, then this canine is not for you. But, if it is for companionship purposes, then a Dark Red Golden is an excellent choice. 

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Characteristics of a Dark Red Golden Retriever

Dark Red Golden Retriever may vary in size, shape, and color; it ranges from a dark rust color to a vibrant red or mahogany. Just like any ordinary Golden Retriever, shedding occurs throughout the year. Thus, its hair requires weekly brushing, but the frequency turns into daily brushing during spring and fall. 

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A Dark Red Golden Retriever can weigh 65 to 75 pounds and stands at least 22 to 24 inches tall. It has a life expectancy of 10 – 12 years, though some Dark Red Golden lives longer than that. Additionally, this dog breed has a similar temperament as the Red Golden Retriever and the rest of the Golden Retriever breed. It is loving, gentle, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. It loves to be with people all the time and hates to be left alone for long hours. When this happens, this dog becomes restless and becomes chewy. 

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Coming from a breed of intelligent dogs, this Dark Red Golden Retriever is a fast learner and obedient. It can serve as a bomb detection canine or in search and rescue operations. It is highly trainable and excels in retrieving objects, as long as training starts at a younger age. Since this dog is super friendly, it can never be a good guard dog. It will befriend any strangers that will come into your house. 

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Just like any Golden Retriever, this Dark Red Golden Retriever is energetic. If you are the athletic type of person, this Dark Red Golden is a perfect company for a long outdoor hike. Moreover, this dog loves to play fetch and swimming; most of all, it loves to play with young kids. 

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To sum up, a Dark Red Golden Retriever has no disparity from its Golden Retriever counterpart. It’s only the color that makes this dog different from the pack. The size, shape, appearance, temperament, as well as health and grooming, are similar. Technically speaking, all Golden Retrievers, regardless of colors, are all affectionate, gentle, friendly, and loyal. For that, it will be a great companion for the entire family.

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