THERE are many things Golden dog owners love about their dogs. Shedding is not one. As you probably know, the fuzzy hair from your breed can find its way onto almost every surface in your home, including couches, carpets, and clothes. All mammals shed their hair regularly. Each individual hair is only good for so many years. They are often thrown away once they become too long. However, while animals (including humans), tend to shed at an average rate, others shed heavily in particular seasons or parts of the year. Golden Retrievers provide a good example. Let’s get to know how much do golden retrievers shed in a season.

Do Golden Retrievers Shed a Lot?

Golden Retrievers often shed a little throughout the year. This means that you will need to deal with this issue almost constantly. Why does Golden retrievers shed so often? The breed’s double-layered thick double coat, consisting of a thick undercoat and a furry top layer, is what causes so much shedding. It is the undercoat, which is warm and fuzzy, that makes the most mess. The Golden Retriever sheds only lightly throughout the year. But, like every double-coated dog in his breed, he sheds large amounts twice a years. To love this breed, you must be open to the shedding and both the pooch as well.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed? – How Bad?

While it’s difficult to determine how many Golden Retrievers shed each year, there are certain breeds that have the highest shedding rates. Retrievers shed enough fur to dust your floors, furniture and floors. It is important for you to know that the fur length of Golden Retrievers makes it appear like they shed a lot more than they actually shed. Long hairs are more likely be stuck to the fibers of your carpets and other upholstery.

If your Golden Retriever’s shedding is excessive or if there are signs of serious skin problems, you should consult your veterinarian. Extraordinary shedding could be caused by conditions such as thyroid disease, skin allergies, or other medical conditions. You can keep your Golden Retriever’s hair from flying by practicing good grooming techniques and feeding him a nutrient rich diet.

Golden Retrievers have a thick and waterproof undercoat that is shed once or twice yearly. For small they tend to shed quite a bit more hair than the larger dogs. For consistency, a Retriever should be brushed at least once a week to remove the dead hair and to help in controlling shedding. Brushing once a week is amazing and if you can brush two to three times a week you will be amazed at how much shedding you can learn from your dog. The Golden Retriever’s Coat is a protection layer. It keeps them warm and secure in severe weather conditions while maintaining their hair form and adding luster to their coat. The coat is a double coat, with a outer coat of dense hair and an inner coat that is short and furry.

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When Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Golden Retriever Shedding Season

Golden Retrievers can be double-coated. They have a waterproof undercoat and a soft, downy topcoat. Retrievers can regulate their temperature with this extra fur. Golden shed moderately year-round. But, their sheds are greater during spring and autumn as they try to adapt to the changing weather. Their winter fur grows thicker and their summer coat becomes thinner.

Golden Retriever puppies will begin to shed their puppy fur and start growing into their adult hair in six months.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed a Lot?

There are many factors that could influence the amount of shedding you Golden Retrievers experience. Sometimes this is inevitable due to the Golden’s natural growth. Some health problems could be the reason your Golden Retriever is losing more than usual.

Possible Causes for Shedding


Hair follicles can become loose in goldens who are allergic to food, pollen, and shampoo. Itchy skin can encourage scratching. Asthma can lead to itchy eyes, ears. Paws, armpits, and other private areas. It is possible that they are also susceptible to ear or eye infections. Hypersensitivity is when your pet licks too much of her body.


Due to the increased scratching of your pup, mites, and fleas can cause excessive shedding. Please avoid taking your dog to the groomers when you find an infestation. The parasites could spread to other pets. Use anti-tick, anti-mite shampoos and insecticides.

Clean your home regularly to eliminate any parasites and eggs. Also clean their bedding and the areas where they lie often.

Stress, particularly for dogs who are sensitive or anxious, can cause hair loss.

Lifestyle and family changes can cause your Golden to shed. Even noises from nearby construction, as well as a change in routine or scenery can cause shedding.


It’s possible to avoid stressing your Golden Retriever by providing a quiet and low-traffic area for her safety when she feels overwhelmed. This could be a crate for your Golden Retriever or an unoccupied room that doubles to be her sleeping area.

Harmonic Changes

Your dog’s hormone fluctuations can lead to increased shedding if it is sterilized. The males are more likely to notice a change in their Golden Retriever’s shedding in the following months.

Shredding can be increased by lactation and pregnancy. If your dog just had a litter, you shouldn’t be alarmed that her hair is starting to thin. It is possible to give your dog a supplement but normal hair loss is expected.

Thyroid problems could cause hair fall and poor skin. They may also develop a “rattrail,” which is when their tails begin to lose their plumes.

How to Stop Golden Retriever’s Shedding?

Humans and all mammals shed their hair. There are some things that you can do to help your pooch manage his shedding.

Brushing will probably do the job

Make sure to brush your dog with a slicker toothbrush every day. You can use this tool to get rid of any possible trapped hairs. The less your Golden Retriever sheds, the better. Brushing your Golden Retriever’s coat will not only remove any dead hair but it will also eliminate all loose fur from the floor and furniture. You don’t need to brush your hair every day if you find it tedious.

You can use a pin brush or a slicker brush to start, and then move in the same direction as the coat. This will remove all loose hair. Also, this is the time you should work out any mats or knots they have. Finish with an undercoat-rake to get rid of dead undercoat fur. This step is especially important in spring or autumn.

Goldens require only a few minutes of brushing every other week. However, they shed more in the spring and fall so brushing daily is a good idea to reduce the amount of shed hair.

Bathing is Recommended

Every six to eight weeks, bathe your Golden Retriever. Unless your dog gets very dirty, you should only bathe your pet once every six to eight weeks. Shampoos are often laden with chemicals that can dry out the coat of your dog. You can loosen hair by massaging it in the bath. You will also be washing away any dead hair that is still attached to the coat.

It is important to remember that a high-quality shampoo is best for bathing dogs. Avoid shampoos that are cheap or made from human shampoo. They can cause irritation and dryness, which can lead to more shedding.

The same applies to over bathing. The skin can become dry and it is unnecessary to constantly bathe your Golden retriever.

Take your Goldie swimming

There is no need to worry about the amount of hair your pup sheds if you take him to a river or lake. To ensure your pump’s efficiency, however, you will need to make sure that you have the hair removed from around the filters and traps. After swimming, give your dog an opportunity to take a shower.

Make sure he has a good diet.

A diet high in fatty acids, digestible proteins and other nutrients will keep your dog’s fur strong and healthy. This will also reduce excessive sheddery.

Vacuum your house daily

Vacuum your home on a daily schedule to remove hair. This is the best and most effective way to remove hair from carpet and sofa.

How Do You Groom a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers have four basic color courses to their coat. They are as follows: white, golden blonde, red and light cream. Within the red color you will find appearances of gold, cream and reddish tan. The cream color appears as a nearer solid gold color and the gold color appears as a liquid gold color. You will notice the golden color by the skin color change from the lighter golden color to a darker gold color. You may also notice the hairs sticking to the skin making the skin look coarse. Goldens should only be bathed when necessary, too much bathing will dry out the skin.

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Golden Retrievers shed once or twice a year. The amount of shedding increases as the season approaches. They need to be groomed on a regular basis. groomers charge a fee that ranges from $25 to $70 for a full bathing. If you want to keep your dog looking high quality, you should either take it to a groomer or purchase high quality grooming supplies. You will spend between $80 and $300 on grooming supplies for a Golden Retriever. include $20 to $30 on cotton balls, $15 on ear cleaner, $10 on dog shampoo and $15 on conditioner. If you want to save money you can use this information to compare brands of dog grooming supplies. Invest in good quality dog grooming supplies, such as gloves, clippers and shampoos and avoid the temptation of buying cheaper generic ones. You will avoid spending too much at once. By learning to groom your dog on a regular basis you can save at a much higher rate than if you only bought the first thing you needed.

The biggest challenge for grooming your Golden is that fact that they have a very long coat. It is more than usual to find fur throughout the house. This will require intensive brushing. Goldens should be brushed at least every other day. Grooming sessions can get expensive, but it is worth it to keep in good shape for your dog’s health. As you know, Golden Retrievers love to please you. If you take the time to groom them, they will love to please you even more.

You will find that grooming your Golden is a great way to connect with your dog. By bonding with your dog on a regular basis, you will both enjoy grooming time together. And the reward for your dog is that he will look beautiful, have wonderful breath and he will keep you company for the rest of his life.

What if I Shave my Golden?

It’s best to never shave your Golden Retrievers and any double-coated dogs. This will cause damage to their fur, and even skin problems.

Shaving involves removing their protection and ability to adapt to weather changes. This can increase your chances of getting sunburned or heatstroke.

How Dog Fur can Affect Allergies

An allergic reaction to dog hair loss is not usually the reason for allergies. They can be caused by the inhalation proteins in dander.
Scientists have found that no hypoallergenic dog breed exists. All dogs lick each other, leaving protein molecules behind. It isn’t all doom and gloom. As dogs and humans, we all have our own unique characteristics.

Some individuals are less allergic to dogs than others. The reason is our individual chemical makeup. Regularly grooming your dog and washing it well can reduce allergens.

Wrapping up

If you have allergies or can’t care for a double-coated pet because you don’t want to shed, you might consider other dogs such as the Poodle or Afghan Hound or the Portuguese Water Dog. You might love the Goldendoodle if you prefer a Golden Retriever that is a little more low-maintenance. Your desire to have a Golden Retriever is what will drive your decision. It shouldn’t be a problem if your are open to the idea of golden fur.

Your Golden Retriever will shed, but you can control the amount of hair in your home. The grooming of Golden Retrievers is vital. You ought to brush your dog at least three days per week to avoid tangling. A slicker brush is all you need to get rid of knots.