English Cream Golden Retriever – Facts and Information

English Cream Golden Retriever – Facts and Information

On a technical basis, the English Cream Golden Retriever comes from the British Kennel Club standards. On the other hand, American Golden Retriever hails from the American Kennel Club standards. This breed appeared first in Scotland around 1854-1894. Like its American Golden cousins, this canine comes in various shades, from mainly pure white to a cream color. The English Cream differs not only in color from the American Golden but also in appearance and other features. 

This dog possesses a broader head, rounder dark eyes, a sturdier build, and a straighter top line. This canine is famous as White Golden, English Cream, or a Platinum Blond.       

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Interesting Facts about English Cream Golden Retriever           

The English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

Do you intend to take English Cream Golden Retriever puppies?  Then, you need to know that these breeds do not originally come from England. These canines originated from Scotland then imported to the United States a few generations back. 

Like any puppies, it is essential to prepare yourself to love, train, feed, and consider them as your family member. Bear in mind that English Cream Golden needs a high level of mental stimulation and workouts. A positive reward method is the most effective form of training for these pups. Also, you need to provide redirection when the puppies start to chew on your shoes or furniture. Since the English Cream pups are retrievers, you need to teach them to retrieve objects. It is the best way to burn their energy and keep them active. 

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Unlike the American Golden, the English Cream Retriever is healthier. Its lifespan reaches up to 12 years. This dog breed has fewer documented cancer cases. Like all Golden Retrievers, it is prone to illnesses such as hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and thyroid problems. Other health issues are coronary heart diseases and allergies. Most veterinarians warn that these canines are susceptible to obesity and diabetes. So, you need to feed it carefully and make sure not to overfeed it. 

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To maintain good health, you need to regularly provide your English Cream vigorous exercises at least 1 hour a day. Just in case your dog suffers from an injury, dysplasia, or arthritis, you need to see a veterinarian immediately for guided workout activities.


Similar to all Golden Retrievers, the English Cream Golden Retriever is friendly and gentle. Golden English Retriever seems calmer when it is inside the house. But by nature, this dog is athletic and vibrant. For that, they need daily high-level and vigorous exercises. English Cream Retriever loves water and enjoys swimming if it has the opportunity. So plan your outings carefully to avoid coming home with a muddy dog.

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Since this breed is very affectionate, it is essential to provide lots of attention and affection. A lot of ear scratches or belly rubs will suffice. Although this canine is very friendly, still, it barks at intruders. However, it doesn’t make them efficient guard dogs. Considering that this canine has high intelligence levels, an English Cream Golden is easy to train. Finally, the English Cream Retriever is calm and affectionate by nature. If it shows aggression, you need to take it to a veterinarian immediately.