German Shepherd Golden Retriever Facts

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Facts

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever is a hybrid dog. Although it is not the first, yet this canine still belongs to the Designer Breed. It is neither a purebred nor a mongrel; it is a crossbred between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. Both dog breeds are known as working dogs, intelligent, loyal, and friendly. For that, this hybrid dog inherits the looks and the characteristics of both parents as well. As a result, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever has a high energy level, playful, affectionate, and friendly dog.

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever

Why You Must Take A German Shepherd Golden Retriever To Your Homes

  • Affectionate, Friendly, and Excellent Family Dog

A German Shepherd Golden Retriever dog inherits its parent’s character traits. It is loving, kind, friendly, and very patient with kids of all ages. It does not fear strangers, and it loves to be with people and ready to befriend everyone. Also, this hybrid dog is protective and wants to keep its owner and his family safe. If you’re planning to take a dog into your home, then this mixed breed is not only the right fit but the safest option you have. 

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  • Smart and Highly Trainable

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is one of the smartest dogs you can ever find. It is because of the combination of both its parents’ breeds. The Golden Retriever is capable of detecting bombs and illegal substances. Also, the German Shepherd is excellent in herding sheep and a proficient police dog. Both breeds, however, are also excellent sporting dogs. As a result, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever has superior intelligence and highly trainable. Using positive reinforcement, this dog can master and easily follow your commands in just a few days of training. You can even instill new tricks or few home chores such as fetching newspapers or groceries inside your car.

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  • Perfect Outdoor Buddy

This canine is famous for possessing a very high energy level, athletic, and loves the outdoors.  For that, this dog must have plenty of running around and a breath of fresh air. So if you are oozing with energy and equally love the outdoors, then this breed is perfect for you. A long hike is best for this canine; the longer the jog and walk, the better to match its daily workout requirement. This dog is not only your perfect trail buddy; it is your protector as well. 

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  • Fun to Groom 

Grooming is one fun aspect of dog care. If you have a creative mind and enjoy grooming, this German Shepherd Golden Retriever is a perfect match. Since it is crossbred, its coat is easy to groom and maintain. Nevertheless, it is still best to allow a professional dog groomer to take care of your dog at least once a month. It is to make your dog feel good – healthier and refreshed.

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  • Great Guard Dog

Since it inherits the traits of its parents, this mixed breed is overly protective of its owner. For that, it makes this canine an excellent guard dog. This dog is both fun to be with but will keep you and your family safe when dangerous situations arise. Because of its bloodlines, this kind of dog often barks at intruders, particularly when it feels threatened or unsafe.