Golden Cocker Retriever Facts

Golden Cocker Retriever Facts

A Golden Cocker Retriever is an excellent family dog because it is affectionate and playful. It comes from a cross-breed of Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel. Both breeds are full of energy. Therefore, you must expect that a Golden Cocker Retriever is twice as energetic as an ordinary Golden Retriever. Because this breed has intense energy levels, it loves rigorous running activity and always enjoys the outdoors. Since this dog is friendly and playful, it will do well with children of all ages.

Golden Cocker Retriever Facts


When it comes to physical attributes, the Golden Cocker Retriever may not always be golden. This breed comes in various coat colors such as black, white, cream, golden, and red-gold. It has a medium-length coat and floppy ears.  The ears are slightly erect, while the rear is thick and curved. Its tail and head are similar to a Golden Retriever, and the legs and paws are sturdy. Just like its parents, this dog has dark brown eyes and a black nose.

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A Golden Cocker Retriever tends to inherit the personality and temperament of its parents. However, because it is a cross-breed, it becomes an excellent companion and family lover. This dog always loves the company of humans and pet animals as well. This canine is not highly aggressive; it enjoys the outdoors and loves to play challenging games.

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So if you want a dog that loves young children, choose a Golden Cocker Retriever. Also, it does not seek strangers, but it does not growl at people as well. This canine does not want to be left alone for a long time. It gets lonely and develops anxiety issues and agitated that they chew items such as your shoes and furniture. 

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A Golden Cocker Retriever is a mixed breed; thus, it inherits the characteristics of both parents. Thick chest hairs and trousers which are prone to matting if left unattended is one of those characteristics. Long and fluffy fur gets easily matted, so brush its ears, trousers, and chest regularly, especially when it is heavily shedding. Clipping its toenails at least once a week is essential as well. Also, it requires regular bathing, but don’t do it every day as it will dry out its coat. To keep this dog in top condition, bring it to an expert dog groomer at least every other month. 

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Like its Parents, A golden Cocker Retriever is prone to obesity since they tend to eat a lot. For that, you must formulate a diet for a medium-sized dog with an intense energy level. The amount of food that you must give to this dog depends on its weight. A healthy adult Golden Cocker Retriever’s weight is 13 to14.5 grams. Therefore, you need to feed this canine 175 to 260 grams every day. Since a raw diet is suitable, then give meaty bones and muscle meat such as ground beef. Remember, this dog breed needs to maintain a healthy diet as overeating causes associated health problems.

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