Golden Retriever Hunting – How To Train It To Hunt

Golden Retriever Hunting – How To Train It To Hunt

Over 150 years ago, Golden Retrievers were already famous for hunting dogs. However, these days they are more popular being a companion in the house or the great outdoors. These energetic canines are born with innate hunting abilities. They are one of the best hunting dog breeds in the world. The moment you unleash a Golden Retriever, you can see them bolt into action. Despite being gentle, friendly, and affectionate, this dog has a natural killer instinct that may surface when triggered. So how are you going to train your friendly furry pet into a ferocious hunting comrade? Read on to find out. 

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Golden Retriever Hunting – How To Train Golden Retriever To Hunt

  • Determining the Tasks

Training a Golden Retriever to become a formidable hunter is not an easy task. It requires determination and discipline, not only for the dogs, but it includes you as the trainer as well. To be effective, you need to start training a Golden Retriever when they are still a puppy. Below are some steps you must do in preparing your Golden Retriever to be a future Hunter.

  1. Familiarization of the objects for prey is one essential step in training a Golden. 
  2. If you want him to be an effective hunter, you must develop his natural hunting skills. 
  3. Don’t forget to give him the right incentive for a job well done. Positive reinforcement will do wonders, considering that Golden Retrievers is a lavish eater. 
  4. Be consistent with the training if you don’t want to return home empty-handed. 

Start training a Chocolate Golden Retriever at an early age; to see results in just a couple of months. It is a lot easier to train a puppy since it learns fast and has a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to please you. On the contrary, teaching older Chocolate Golden is difficult since it is stubborn with a short attention span. For that, it will take several months to make them master the skills and tricks you taught. 

  • Getting Ready

Before you start the training, you need to prepare all the necessary things you will use, such as the following: 

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  • Area of Training – The first thing you have to prep is the area where your training commences. You will need a large yard or a local field for your dog’s hunting environment. Make sure that the vicinity has nothing to distract the attention of the dog. 
  • Material – The next thing you need to consider is to gather some decoy toys and scent spray.  
  • Treats – The reward system is the key to make your dog obey your orders. For that, you need to have a lavish amount of tasty treats or its favorite dog food. 
  • Time – The most vital element in training your dog to become a hunter is time. See to it that you can set aside at least 15 minutes every day for the tasks. Remember, you need to be consistent with the training to see results faster. 

Patience and Enthusiasm – Remember, it is not only the dog that needs patience and enthusiasm. You, as a trainer, need it as well. The task of training a dog is complicated and crucial in the dog’s behavioral development. Therefore, you will need a lot of patience and enthusiasm to make your training successful.

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