Golden Retriever Puppies – Amazing Facts

Golden Retriever Puppies – Amazing Facts

Golden Retrievers are among the most sought-after dog breeds in the United States. They are medium-sized, muscular, and robust dogs renowned for the thick and lustrous fur of gold that gives the dog breed its name. Golden Retriever Puppies are faithful, friendly, and outstanding when it comes to children and families. These puppies are excellent when it comes to obedience, training, and therapy works. Their pleasant and playful behavior all goes out until adulthood.

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Golden Retriever pups grow quite large and robust with medium-high energy level. These energetic pups love playing in the great outdoors and enthusiastic to please their companions. Their favorite pastimes are swimming, fetching, and retrieve waterfowls. These dog breeds are famous as guide dogs for the blind as well.

7 Interesting Facts about Golden Retriever Puppies

Like other dog breeds, there are things you need to consider before buying Golden Retriever puppies. 

They are energetic – Originally, these breeds are sporting dogs; thus, they are naturally full of energy. They need long walks, hiking, jogging, fetch games, and swimming. Proper Exercise is essential for these types of dog breeds; if unexercised, these pups may develop behavioral problems. For that, Golden Retriever puppies need an owner who is capable of providing their exercise requirements.

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A 2 month old golden retriever. ©️ The Happy Puppy Site.

They Shed – Golden Retriever puppies are very famous for heavily shedding in spring and fall. But, they shed moderately throughout the year. So, expect dog furs all over the house at all times. If you have an allergy or suffering from asthma; then, you better think twice before buying one. 

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They Love Food – Golden retrievers are over-eaters; thus, they tend to become overweight. You have to practice discipline to avoid over-feeding these pups.

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They Love Mud – You better watch out; these breeds love water. If they can’t find one, they would surely be happy to lie in the mud, to cool off and roll around. 

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They are Not Watch Dogs – These breeds are sociable and friendly; thus, expect them to be more of a welcoming committee when someone arrives at your doorstep. 

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They are Not Aware of Their Size – Golden Retriever pups usually think they are lap dogs; for that, they crowd your space often. 

They Crave Human Interaction – These puppies are so familiar with human emotions; thus, it makes them easy to train and obey. Additionally, they always crave human interaction and company. 

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Remember that owning a puppy is just like adopting a baby.  You have to look after it, take good care of it, and get it checked for health issues always. So, the next thing you need to do when you are planning to buy Golden Retriever puppies is to find a reputable puppy breeder. Look for Golden Retriever puppy breeders who offer puppies that go through a comprehensive health evaluation. It is to make sure you will get a happy and healthy puppy to be among your family members. Additionally, it takes great effort in training and raising a Golden Retriever Puppy to make it a well-behaved and smart adult dog. 

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