Until she starts to bite, your Golden Retriever puppy would be adorable and probably cutest too. Puppies are born with the instinct to bite, but you don’t want them to bite wouldn’t you? You’ll need to train it before it all gets out of your hand. While puppy teeth might barely leave a mark, an adult dog’s bite is damaging. Therefore, it is imperative that you should teach your Golden Retriever puppy not to bite when she is young. 

Why Does a Golden Retriever Puppy Bite You?

  • One thing is for sure that your puppy isn’t biting you because he dislikes you. That is just not the case. It’s perfectly normal for any dog to bite. 
  • Maybe your puppy is still learning from her parents how he or she would communicate with the owner. Or maybe he’s just playing with you. However, if your golden puppy gets in the habit of biting every time he plays with you or another dog then you must stop him proactively. 
  • Chances are that your pup gets bored of daily chores and she bites your hand. Golden retrievers are pretty lively dogs. They demand mental exercise or stimulation to discharge their energies.  
  • It’s your sole responsibility as an owner to identify the difference between normal biting and abnormal behaviors that are not fun at all.

How to Stop Golden Retriever Puppy from Biting?

Golden retrievers aren’t generally aggressive unlike someone like a pitbull–they are dogs with great temperament and they demonstrate true affection for their owners. Your puppy would love to play with you almost all day long. However, if you communicate to the puppy that if he bites you his play will be ended then he’ll probably stop biting you. If you never tell your puppy that biting is bad, this will cause bigger problems with age. Chances are that your golden will be intolerant to other people or dogs.

Two things are important in training your dog not to bite; patience and consistency. You’ll need to be consistent as well as patient.

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How to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy Not to Bite? – Top 3 Methods

METHOD No. 1: Talk to the Back

Keep Your Nose Open: You’ll need to note down all those times when your puppy attempts to bite you and see if he does repeatedly around those times.

No Means ‘No’: If your little golden gets to you to bite you should tell him NO loud and clear. Your voice must be loud enough to send a clear message. Maybe he won’t catch up with your expression in the first place but it’ll work over time.

Your Body Language is Important: If he bites or nips back at you you should immediately turn your back to him with cross arms so your puppy understands that his owner has stopped playing. He might get the idea that biting is ruining his playtime.

Be Gentle and Kind: You can’t be rude to your puppy all the time. You’ve got to use the stick and carrot method. When he calms down, you must give him the attention he needs and start playing with him the way you did before. 

By so doing, you’re actually communicating and training your puppy that biting is indeed a very bad habit and that sooner he stops biting you sooner he’ll be rewarded.

METHOD No. 2: Bitter Taste

Note Down His Habits: You need to take note of those times when your puppy bites you every time he wants to eat something. You’ve got to tell your golden that this is not the way to ask for food. You also need to remember the time when he gets mouthy even during playtime. 

Buy a Bitter Tasting Spray: You can buy a bitter spray from any nearby store. However, that spray should be safe for your dog to ingest. 

Spray on your Skin: Now you’d probably be aware of the moment precisely when your dog bites you. Now is the time to spray your skin just before he bites you.

Say Loud NO: As your puppy approaches your hand to bite you must say NO loudly that’ll discourage him from biting unnecessarily. 

Keep Using Spray for 30 Days: You need to be consistent in using bitter taste spray anytime she might come to bite you. Your golden retriever puppy will soon learn that biting isn’t fun at all–it never was!

METHOD No. 3: Distracting Toy Method

It’s an old traditional method one that parents use to train their kids. You’ll need to use the same technique. In this method, you’ll have to replace your puppy’s favorite toy with something he doesn’t want at all. But that replaced item should nevertheless be chewable. 

Know When He Bites: You need to be aware of the times and activities during which your dog bites you the most.

Snatch his Favorite Toy: When he bites you’ll need to grab his favorite playing toy immediately. This act will reinforce your intentions and at the same time put you in the driving seat. But do not give it to him yet.

Give him Favorite Toy: As your golden puppy approaches you in an attempt to hurt you you’ll SAY NO loud and clear and after a few seconds hand him over his favorite toy. This way your dog will forget about biting your hand.

Be Consistent: Your pup will soon learn to give up his habit of biting your hand. He’ll find his toy more amusing and fun as compared to your hand.

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Training Your Puppy

However difficult or unsuccessful your training methods may turn out to be, you must remember that you’re teaching a little dog. You’ll need to be patient, calm, and consistent without hurting your buddy.

  1. Do not hit your dog. It will only make him more stubborn and he isn’t going to respond to you in a way you want him to be. Your pup will begin to demonstrate aggressive behavior.
  2. Do not flip your golden retriever on his back in an attempt to punish him. This will send the wrong message to your dog. He already knows that you’re the owner; he is just too young to follow your instructions. Always rely on positive reinforcement for it overshadows the negative behavior in your dog.
  3. Never jerk your hand away. If you pull your hand while the pup is about to bite it you’ll only hurt yourself. Even the puppy’s teeth are sharp enough to hurt your hand.