Labrador Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Labrador Golden Retriever Facts and Information

The Labrador Golden Retriever is a mix of Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever. It has a robust body built, friendly, and more energetic. It is popularly known as a Golden Lab, Goldador, Golden Labrador Retriever, or a Goldador Retriever. This dog is intelligent, making it great in bomb detection, search and rescue operation, and a service dog. Just like a Golden Retriever, this canine is affectionate and loyal. For that, it makes this canine an excellent guide dog and a therapy dog. It loves being inside the house with the entire family, making it a great family dog. The Labrador Golden Retriever is very enthusiastic; thus, it needs vigorous exercise and mental stimulation. Similar to a Golden Retriever, this dog has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

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Labrador Golden Retriever Facts  

Why you must own a Labrador Golden Retriever

The Labrador Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. If you plan to own a Labrador Golden Retriever, then read on for the Pros and Cons of owning one. 


  • Calm and Friendly – Every dog breed has the possibility of developing conditions that can result in misbehavior and mischief. The Labrador Golden Retriever remains gentle, calm, and happy at all times. All you need to do is shower it with affection and spend time playing with it in your backyard or on the beach.
  • Patient – Labrador Golden Retriever is enduring and very suitable for kids of all ages. It is capable of resisting the ear-grabbing, tail pulling, and fur plucking attitude of children. Just give this dog a bed near you, and they will be forever grateful for the spot.
  • Smart Dog – This canine is one of the smartest dogs you can find today. It is highly trainable and obedient because it loves to catch the attention of its owners. Because it has a good appetite for food, you can use it to make this breed comply and learn new behavior. 

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  • It Takes Longer To Mature – A Labrador Golden Retriever matures longer; it takes 2 -4 years before this dog comes to full maturity. It means a lot of chewing problems to deal with, especially if it suffers from separation anxiety. Boredom is also another reason why this breed becomes chewy. So make sure you prepare some intensive activities to burn their energy and save your shoes and furniture. 
  • Shedding – Similar to its Golden Retriever cousins, this breed significantly shed during spring and fall. Since it has a thicker winter coat, you must expect lots of hair everywhere during these seasons. For that, it needs daily cleaning to maintain a hair-free and healthy environment.
  • Not a Guard Dog – Despite being protective of people and their property, Labrador Golden Retriever is not a good guard dog. This canine loves people and very affectionate. It will loudly bark when they see intruders approaching, but eventually, it will come wagging its tail to strangers.
  • Prone to Obesity – Labrador Golden Retriever has a good appetite for food. Because of that, you must control its eating habit to avoid obesity. If you tend to over-feed this dog, then compensate it with a regular vigorous workout. It makes this canine healthy and prevents it from becoming obese.

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