Male Golden Retriever

Male Golden Retriever

When you plan to have a Golden Retriever in your home, many questions arise. Most first-time dog owners do some intensive research to choose the best dog. The dilemma includes picking the gender of the dog, whether it will be a male or a female Golden. It is a fact that Golden Retrievers are indeed a wonderful dog to have. However, to decide which gender you will take is quite confusing.

Male Golden Retriever

Both male and female Golden Retrievers are excellent and faithful pets, but both genders have their differences. If you are a first-time dog owner, it is hard to differentiate between a male and a female, especially if they are still puppies. So what are the determinants that differentiate both genders? 

To help you determine which gender you will take, read the below-listed tips.

Differences between a Male and a Female Golden Retriever

  • Physical Differences 

Golden Retrievers have noticeable differences between the male and the female, even if they are still puppies. Aside from the genitals, a male Golden Retriever is physically bigger and taller than the female Golden. The weight is one of the distinct differences between the two. The male weighs ten to twenty pounds heavier than the female. Also, a male Golden is sturdier since it has more muscle mass. Additionally, a male Golden Retriever has a broader head and thicker coats.

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  • Temperament

In general, Golden Retrievers, whether male or female, are playful, friendly, and faithful dogs. However, the male Golden outgrows their puppy behavior longer than the female. That is why male Golden Retrievers are sweet, loveable, and playful. Based on a zoological study, a male Golden retriever adores its pack leaders. For that, a male Golden loves its owner more than the females. As a result, it is more obedient and in tune with its owner’s moods and feelings. Also, the male Golden craves more attention; it needs more cuddles as well.

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It will always stay at its owner’s side all day if it need be. Treats and praises make the male Golden Retriever eager to work more, even to the point of breaking. Despite being loyal to its masters, a male Golden Retriever is friendly even with strangers. That is why; you can never take it as a guard dog.

  • Trainability

When it comes to obedience training, a male Golden Retriever is easier to train than its female counterpart. But this male Golden is hyperactive and loses focus quickly. It means you need to prepare some activity that will keep its attention longer. On the other hand, a female Golden Retriever has a longer attention span and always stays focused. It is least capable of running away while training. Also, several studies show that a male Golden Retriever is often notorious than a female Golden. Since a male Golden Retriever is intelligent and loves to please its owner, it will carry out orders and quickly do anything. Positive reinforcement and a cheerful voice will have a good influence on its temperament.