Oldest Golden Retriever

Oldest Golden Retriever

Who would have thought that a Golden Retriever makes an impact on history? Yes, a Golden Retriever from Oakland, Tennessee, becomes the oldest dog in the entire world. It is a record-breaker in the history of Golden Retrievers since these breeds have a lifespan of 15-18 years. However, August breaks the record when she turned 20 last April 24.  She becomes the 19th oldest living Golden Retriever in the world.

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August was already 14 years old when the Hetterscheidt adopted and brought her home. Even if they are not uncertain how long she will live, Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt from Oakland, Tennessee, rescued her. But six years later, they celebrated her 20th birthday and discovered that she makes an impact on history. Aside from minor health issues, August is still healthy and in great shape.

Oldest Golden Retriever

Meeting August

On April 24, 2000, August, better known as Augie, was born. For unknown reasons, she was re-homed twice until Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt found her. Despite the uncertainties of how long she will live, the couple adopted her even if she was already 14 years old. Jennifer co-founded the dog rescue organization in 2002 and served as the intake director when August arrived. After she retired from the shelter, Jennifer and her family moved to Oakland. They live there up to this time with Augie. 

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Augie is not alone in their home; she has some dog and feline siblings to play in the pool. However, the Hetterscheidt always take August on their RV trips around the country. The couple has no idea of their upcoming journey with Augie. But they were rewarded with more than six years of love and devotion from this world record breaker Golden Retriever. 

When it comes to the Guinness Book of Records, Oldest Golden Retriever August has some competitors. There are many accounts of 18-year old and few 19-year-old Golden Retrievers, but August is the first to reach 20 years old. There was a time when a particular Golden Retriever qualifies for the Oldest Golden Retriever competition but passed away before it turned 20 years old. 

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At 20 years old, August slows down, but she can move around very well and loves to walk every day. The couple prepares beds everywhere in the house for her. But Augie prefers to get up on the sofa and watch TV with the family at night. Just like all Golden Retrievers, August loves to be part of the group always. 

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As for her health, August suffers a minor kidney problem. That health issue goes way back to when she was 14 years old. But thanks to the couple’s extra tender loving care, the illness did not progress; it remains at stage two. Since August is diagnosed with a kidney problem, Jennifer prepares a meal plan appropriate for dogs with kidney issues. Additionally, Jennifer also includes in Augie’s diet some supplements for her kidneys and joints. To help August become livelier quite a bit, Jennifer provides her with SQ fluids twice a week. The secret why Augie exceeds the life expectancy of a Golden Retriever is the extra love and care of its owner.

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