Red Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Red Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Are you interested in bringing a rare breed of canine to your home? Then a Red Golden Retriever is a perfect dog for you. This breed shares the same impressive quality of a Golden Retriever but possesses an exciting color. This dog is renowned as the Dark Red Golden or Mahogany. The Red Golden Retriever is not as ordinary as its traditional Golden cousins. Since it has an eye-catching appearance, it makes this dog stand out from the crowd. However, despite being a pure breed, it cannot join any competition because of its color.  The American Kennel Club prohibits any Golden Retriever to compete in show rings if its color is not golden.

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Red Golden Retriever Facts and Information

Regardless of the similarities, each type of Golden Retrievers has its distinction. Listed below are some qualities of a Red Golden Retriever you should know.


In general, all Golden Retrievers are famous for being friendly, intelligent, gentle, and affectionate dogs. The Red Golden Retriever is not an exception. This canine is friendly and craves attention most of the time as well. As a result, this dog type usually suffers from separation anxiety when left alone or ignored for a long time. Since it is affectionate and friendly, they can never be a good guard dog. Yes, they do bark at intruders; but will eventually lick and wag its tail on newcomers.

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Red Golden Retriever


The Red Golden Retriever is famous for its intelligence. It is highly trainable and suitable in search and rescue or bomb and drug detection. Additionally, this dog is also competent as a therapy and disabled assistance dog. The Red Golden Retriever is obedient and happy to work with; however, training must start at a young age. Also, the Red Golden Retriever has a strong working drive and adaptable to nature. For that, it makes this dog more suitable in a variety of environments. Since this dog is smart and intelligent, it always excels at tasks like agility and obedience training.

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Despite its similarities with the traditional Golden Retriever, the Red Golden Retriever is more demanding, particularly grooming. Since it has a shorter outer coat, the shedding is not as intense as its cousins. There will still be shedding, but it is not as much as the regular Golden Retriever. Once or twice a week, the Red Golden Retriever needs brushing, but it will only take less time per session. Additionally, this dog requires less trimming since it has less feathering fur around its ears, neck, legs, feet, and tails. To keep its pleasant smell and make it look fresh and healthy, it needs to bathe once a month.

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Considering that a Red Golden Retriever is energetic and full of energy, this dog requires high-quality dog food. When feeding a Red Golden Retriever, you must avoid processed and starchy grains. Vegetables and fruits that are high in fructose is a big NO as well. This dog is prone to obesity, so it is essential to split its food into two daily meals, at least two to three cups a day.

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