Short Haired Golden Retriever Facts

Short Haired Golden Retriever Facts

Although it may be next to impossible, yet a Short-Haired Golden Retriever does exist. Technically speaking, there is no Short-Haired Golden Retriever. However, some Golden Retrievers do have shorter hairs than their cousins. Always remember that coat length and color is hereditary. If you want to have a short-haired Golden Retriever, find a breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers with shorter coats. 

Up to these days, Kennel Clubs do not recognize Short-Haired Golden Retrievers. But it does not mean this dog is not truly a Golden Retriever at all. Sometimes a purebred Golden has a different coat because of genetic mutations in the dog family. Because of these genetic differences, Golden Retrievers come in different colors and hairs – they are unique and rare.

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Short Haired Golden Retriever Facts

Of course, there are other factors involved in the emerging Short-Haired Golden Retriever. Read on to know the truth about the Short-Haired Golden Retriever.

  • It may not be a purebred – Sometimes, when you pay for a thoroughbred, you cannot get your money’s worth. There are plenty of scammers and fraud out there, selling Short-Haired Golden Retriever pups telling you they are purebred. However, these Short-Haired Golden Retrievers may be a mixed-breed of a Golden Retriever and another dog breed. These breeds may be similar in appearance.  If you have any doubts, visit a professional veterinarian and ask for a testing kit to identify your dog’s breed. 
  • It is Unique and Rare – Technically Speaking, a Golden Retriever belongs to the long hair dog breeds.  However, there are lots of possibilities that a Short-Haired Golden Retriever is a purebred as well. It’s just that, during conception, there was a mutation of its genes, which results in genetic variation. As a result, a Short-Haired Golden Retriever is born, making it a unique and rare canine.
  • Misidentification – Golden Retrievers have lots of breed classifications; yet, they all belong to the Retriever family. All of them look the same, so misidentification of your dog might happen. Among the Golden Retriever family, two types of Golden Retrievers possess short hair – the Labrador Retriever and the Flat-Coated Retriever. These dogs look 90% similar to the Golden Retriever; only the color and the length of their hair make them different. For that, these breeds are often misidentified as Golden Retrievers.

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Technically speaking, the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Short-Haired Golden Retriever up to these days.  There are three reasons behind all this; a Short Haired-Golden Retriever is not a Purebred, it is Unique, and Breed Misidentification. Despite all the misconceptions, Short-Haired Golden Retrievers do exist, and they are for real. 

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If you are skeptical about your Golden Retriever that has short hair, then find a professional vet. Ask for a testing kit to check the authenticity of your dog. Another option that is gaining popularity is DNA testing. This genetic testing is accurate enough to provide you information about the various breeds that are present throughout generations in your dog’s family. It is the most precise test to verify if your Short-Haired Golden Retriever is a purebred or not.