Skinny Golden Retriever- Why is My Golden Retriever Skinny?

Skinny Golden Retriever- Why is My Golden Retriever Skinny?

Technically speaking, Golden Retrievers varied body sizes though in general they have medium to large body structures. Apart from that, these dogs have different metabolism rates. Also, not all weight gain programs may be appropriate for your dog. Thus, not all Golden Retrievers have a large and stockier body; some are lean and small. If you noticed that your Golden Retriever is bony, then it could be his natural body built. However, if your dog is still skinny despite having proper nutrition and diet, there must be something wrong. So what makes a Golden Retriever thin? If you want to know the reasons why your Golden Retriever is bony, read the below-listed items.

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Skinny Golden Retriever- Why is My Golden Retriever Skinny?

Reasons Why a Golden Retriever is Skinny

  • Genes – Genetics always plays a significant role in the body structure of your Golden Retriever. If one parent of your dog has a leaner body, chances are, your dog can inherit its physique. As long as your dog is physically fit and agile, being skinny is just fine. But to clear any doubts, consult a professional veterinarian.  
  • Nutrition – Improper diet is one of the contributing factors that make your Golden Retriever emaciated. If your dog is malnourished, undoubtedly, it will become thin. Providing it with food rich in vitamins and minerals and a balanced diet is essential. It will restore your dog’s health and improve his physique. 
  • Health Issues – Illness is another issue that can significantly affect the body of a Golden Retriever. An abrupt weight loss and loss of appetite is a clear manifestation that your dog is sick. To prevent it from getting worse, bring your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic immediately.  

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  • Stress – Another factor that makes a Golden Retriever lose a remarkable weight is stress. Leaving it behind for long hours will make your dog agitated or stressed. It will become lonely and eventually lose its appetite. As a result, it will begin losing weight and later becomes skinny.
  • Strenuous Activities – Golden Retrievers are generally bubbly and oozing with energy. For that, regular daily vigorous exercise is necessary to match its high energy level. However, overdoing it is detrimental to the dog’s health. Too much exercise burns lots of calories that cause weight loss. So, feed your dog with an adequate amount of food that supplements the number of burned calories.
  • Picky Eater – Not only humans are picky eaters; Golden Retriever can also be choosy in terms of food. Providing your dog the same kind of food every day, throughout the year, will make it wary and soon lose its appetite. So feed your dog with delicious yet healthy dog foods like plain cooked chicken once in a while. 

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In a nutshell, Golden Retrievers are a naturally large and robust type of dog. If your dog is skinny, then it must be due to some contributing factors. Genetics plays a vital role that makes your dog bony. The other factors include poor nutrition, illness, anxiety, more exercise and insufficient food intake, and being a picky eater.  All of these factors significantly affect the health and weight of your dog. If you observe that your dog abruptly loses weight, go to your veterinarian, and ask for professional advice.

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