A Golden Retriever’s average height is 20-24 inches when fully grown. So, any size below this point will be considered small. You may find your Golden Retriever too small for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of exercise or diet, and genetic traits passed on from parents.

Why is My Golden Retriever Skinny?

Get Your Dog Moving

Exercise boosts your dog’s appetite. You can also add more food to his diet. You must ensure your puppy doesn’t overheat during exercise. You need to know the limits of your dog.

To help with digestive issues, you could also give your dog some canned unsweetened chopped pineapple. Add a teaspoon of plain yogurt or cottage- cheese to your dog’s food occasionally.

Once she has her food problem resolved, you will be able to address her incontinence which may result from her staying indoors for too much. It’s a good idea to take her out for a walk, either first thing in your morning or last thing at the night.

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Exercise will help your dog develop muscles and improve bone health. You may have wondered why puppies and young dogs seem so active. This is both a biological function and a sign for your dog’s happiness. A Golden Retriever’s daily activity needs to average between 3-4 hrs. This is why little to no exercise is necessary.

Bad exercise can also be detrimental if your dog has poor nutrition. Exercise can also have a negative effect on a Golden Retriever’s growth. This can result in damaged muscles and joint that will not grow well due to injury or stress. Exercise is healthy, but you shouldn’t do too much.

Take your Dog to the Vet

This is the first step in starting the weight loss program. Check to ensure your puppy doesn’t have any severe medical conditions. Make sure to have your pup tested for intestinal parasites. Parasites could cause your puppy to lose weight because they consume nutrition from your dog’s diet before the dog uses it.

Add an Extra Meal

If you feed your retriever twice daily, add another meal. The extra meal is not an option. It is important to remember that your dog will need to be exercised if you add a new meal. If you find out that your dog has become thin because of underfeeding, you must also do this. If you feed your golden a poor-quality, high grain, soy, and fiber dog food, it will not provide her with enough nutrition.

A high-protein, high–fat dog food should be purchased. Your dog should be fed three meals per day. Weigh your dog every two weeks to see if she is gaining weight.

Examine the Quality of Your Golden Retriever Food

High quality dog food has high quality ingredients. This will provide the right nutrition for your puppy’s healthy growth. Your puppy will not be happy with low-quality food because it contains fillers. Wet puppy food should be preferred to dry because it contains more carbohydrates.

Golden Retrievers have a high activity level, especially in their developmental stages. Because of this, the dog must consume plenty of calories to keep up its activity level.

A Golden Retriever growing up needs approximately 1,200 calories each day if it is in an activity-limited environment. They need 1,700 calories every day if allowed to be normal active. If your Golden Retriever doesn’t get enough calories according to its activity levels, their stomach and organs may shrink. This can lead to your dog appearing smaller than normal.

Supplement your Puppy’s Diet

Puppy owners can feed them safe food supplements. Supplementation can provide a few extra calories for your dog to help with weight gain.


Stress can cause a loss in appetite which can lead to stunted development. An anxious Golden Retriever can lose their appetite due to stress, whether it is from people, other dogs or fear. Stressed dogs can also experience decreased activity.

Age of your Dog

As dogs age, it is normal for their size to decrease as a result of a loss in muscle mass and bone health. If your Golden retriever is getting older, it is normal. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to remedy this problem. Before purchasing a Golden Retriever, be sure to ask about the dog’s age.


When your puppy starts to gain weight, it is vital that he gets exercise. If your puppy is alone, it is possible for him/her to gain weight. Dogs who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet can gain muscle mass.

Top 2 Most Recommended Golden Retriever Food

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  2. Editor’s Choice: Frosted Dog Bone Biscuits Handmade and Hand-Decorated with Locally Sourced Ingredients I’ve never had a dog refuse one of these cookies! Highly recommend for whatever your event.


What Can I Feed my Golden Retriever for Weight Gain?

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

These are two great ways to lose weight: sweet potato and pumpkin. If your dog is looking to gain weight, but you don’t want to give him more meat protein, consider adding sweet potato and pumpkin to his diet. A boost in fats and fibre will help your dog put on some weight. It will also keep his stomach from becoming upset. There are many options for sweet potato or pumpkin canned, and you can also get them dried at your local pet store. Cans are preferred by us!

Peanut Butter, Extra Whole Food Treats

Treats can sometimes be good for your dog’s health. Giving your dog high fat treats throughout day and before bed is a great way to get him to lose weight fast. Peanut butter is an excellent choice!

Peanut butter made from all-natural ingredients is healthier for your dog than most other treats. If you give your dog peanut-butter, make sure to include a healthy treat. For example, a piece vegetable. Carrots are a low-cal, low-sugar treat that can help to reduce stomach upset. Avoid high-acidity foods like fruits with peanut butter as it can cause stomach problems.

How to Tell If your Canine Friend is at a Healthy Body Weight

Dogs should be active and healthy. It is vital that they have a healthy body weight. Your pet’s weight is determined by how much exercise it does and how often.

Dogs can live two years more if they eat a well-regulated diet. That’s quite impressive considering that the average lifespan for dogs is between ten years and thirteen years. Keep in mind that healthy weight is an important aspect of dog health. How can you check if your dog weighs in at a healthy amount?

Although you can get an exact answer by visiting a vet, pet nutritionist or pet naturist, it is not possible to know if your pup needs a change in lifestyle.

What are the Signs of A Healthy Dog?

An ideal rule of thumb is for a dog to have its abdomen higher than its chest. Their underside should also be higher than their ribcage. If your dog is overweight, an incline is a sign that your pet is too heavy. A steep slope indicates your dog is overweight. The best way to assess your dog’s weight is to lower your body so that it is parallel to your dog, then look at the dog from the side.

Rib Examination

This is another way to check if your canine friend is overweight. Simply place both your thumbs against your dog’s spine, and move your fingers across its ribcage. If your pet has a healthy weight, you will be able touch their ribs with your fingers. But if the dog is obese or overweight, it won’t. As a dog’s fur can easily obscure their ribcage, it is best to examine them with your hands.

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You should feel the ribs and not be able to see them. Dogs should have an abdominal torn. While she’s young, Golden continues to grow until the age of 2 so she’ll likely bulk up. Your dog should be as lean and healthy as possible. If she can’t feel any of her ribs, then she’s too fat. This will cause serious health problems for Goldens later in their lives. Don’t feed more than recommended and don’t let your dog see or feel the ribs. You SHOULD feel the ribs, even if there is a thin fat/muscle layer. See an abdominal toe tuck, for example. This is a sign you have a healthy dog.

Overhead Inspection

A dog with a healthy weight will have a body shape that looks like an hourglass. Your ability to see it is possible by standing right in front of your dog and looking down. It should be possible for you to see your dog’s waist just behind its ribs. If you can see the outline or the dog’s ribs in its abdomen, then your pet might be underweight.

The lifestyle of your dog should be altered depending on whether it’s overweight or not. If your pet is too thin, it could be that you are over-training it and not providing adequate calories. A working dog food is ideal as it provides energy for your pet and also contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will help you get back to your healthy weight.