Top 5 Golden Retriever Facts

Top 5 Golden Retriever Facts

Having a dog in your home is a lifetime commitment, so it is best if you learn a lot before you take a furry friend in your life. A Golden Retriever is an excellent pet to have; it brings much pleasure to the family. This exceptional dog breed is intelligent, loyal, kind, bubbly, and gentle. With proper training, you can easily keep them inside your home with less effort. A well-trained Golden Retriever is exceptionally behaved, lighthearted, affectionate, and easy to teach. Children and the elderly are safe, having this type of breed around the house. Let us get to know some of the most amazing golden retriever facts you probably didn’t know. 

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5 Interesting Facts about Golden Retrievers

  1. A Golden Retriever is tremendously friendly; it loves to be around and in the company of people.
  2. It becomes part of the family rather than an ordinary pet dog. 
  3. Golden retriever is very lenient and will never nip a child even if they are rough during playtime.
  4. This type of breed always makes sure that you will always include it in everything you do. Since it is intelligent and faithful, it always returns the favor and helps its owners who need its assistance.
  5. Despite being friendly, a Golden Retriever is very alert and will noisily bark when they notice something is wrong. 
  6. While this breed is exceptionally appealing, there are pros and cons you need to consider before bringing it into your home. 

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PROS – What You Like about Golden Retrievers

  • Good-natured – This dog is big-hearted, gentle, calm, and eager to please all family members. It is a very affectionate fur ball that always craves attention.
  • Intelligent – A Golden Retriever is very smart and easy to train. It is capable of service-specific skills such as fetching the newspaper or getting the groceries from the car. 
  • Sociable – This dog loves to be with people, especially children. It always wants to be part of a large family and desires to stay inside the house. 
  • Ideal pet sibling – Unlike other dog breeds, this breed adjusts well with other pets such as cats, rabbits, and other pet animals. 
  • Playful – This breed is vibrant and full of life; they always love to romp and play for the first 3-4 years of life. 

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CONS – What You Don’t Like about Golden Retrievers

  • Large and a Food Lover – This breed is a food lover, with a robust and large body that will get bigger if it is overfed. 
  • Full of Energy – Since this dog is bouncing with energy, owners need to provide vigorous exercises to wear this dog down. It requires 40-60 minutes daily workouts; if unexercised, this breed becomes restless, overweight, and chewy.
  • Excessive Shedding – This dog has a boatload of hairs. Twice a year, it sheds enormously around spring and fall. Having a Golden Retriever inside your home means having furs everywhere throughout the year. 
  • Loves company – A Golden Retriever loves in the company of people and hates to be alone all day long. They get bored and restless when they are alone; thus, they become chewy. 
  • Fragile – This dog is always prone to particular health issues such as hip dysplasia, cataracts, allergies, epilepsy, etc.