White Golden Retriever – Facts, Puppies and Information

White Golden Retriever – Facts, Puppies and Information

Golden Retrievers are very popular in the United States; however, this breed is not always golden in color. The White Golden Retriever is now gaining popularity all over the globe. However, as the canine becomes more famous, a lot of questions about this breed arise. If you are interested in this dog but want more information about this breed, look no further. Below are some great reasons why you need to have a White Golden Retriever.

White Golden Retriever Facts and Information

What is a White Golden Retriever?

A White Golden Retriever is just a Golden Retriever with a whitish colored fur. Unlike its more golden yellow-toned cousins, this breed is mainly white.

The White Golden Retriever is another name for an English Golden; because the coats are mostly white. Compared to American Golden, this breed has shorter and lighter hairs. It doesn’t need much grooming, not like the furs of the American Golden Retriever. 

This dog has a sturdier and large body built with a square-shaped head instead of long like its American Golden cousins.  Another distinct feature of a White Golden Retriever is the dark brown eyes. Since its head is broader with dark brown eyes, its facial expression looks different as well.

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How Do They Differ To Other Golden Retrievers?

From puppies to adulthood, both breeds are fantastic pet dogs. These two dog breeds have lost of similarities, like their behavior, appearance, and exercise requisites.

Additionally, both varieties have a life span of 10-12 years and require comparable mental stimulations. Moreover, the color of the White Golden Retriever is the most noteworthy difference. There may be a shading variation, but not that much. 

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The other physical differences are its blockier head, larger bones, and rounder and darker brown eyes. The behavior and temper of both breeds are quite similar. However, the White Golden Retriever is calmer and more relaxed. That is not to say that it doesn’t need exercise. Make sure you will find time to take them for a walk or jog every day; otherwise, they will get bored and make mischief. 

Should You Get White Golden Retriever?

If you plan to get a new pet to be one of your family members, this White Golden Retriever is an excellent choice.

This dog breed is friendly, affectionate, loyal, loving, and intelligent. It always craves attention and loves to be with a large family or group of people.

It is smart and easy to train, making it a perfect companion for the elderly and children. The White Golden Retriever is not the best guard dog.

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Although this dog is loyal to its masters – it is quick to befriend a stranger. Lastly, if you live alone and hate to go out and exercise regularly – this breed is not right for you.

It gets mischievous when they are alone and bored. As long as this dog gets sufficient exercise, it will be happy and contented to snuggle on the couch.

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