Golden Retrievers have a high level of energy. They love to play and spend time with their owners. You will usually be able to tell whether your Golden feels happy or sad by the way they act. However, it can be difficult for you to decode their body language if they start to paw.

Dogs can show their love by placing their paws on you. To show our affection and love, we pet our dogs. Dogs do the same. When he puts his paws on your hand while you pet him, he expands contact with you and shows affection in return. You can see that he’s expanding your contact and is reciprocating your affection by placing his paw on you while you’re petting him.

This act could be considered a gesture of affection, but your dog’s pawing at you may also be an indication that he is feeling love. He might want to play, get food, be anxious, or feel pain. Although it’s usually positive reinforcement, it could also be a sign of distress. It is important to pay attention to other signs your dog may be displaying in their body language. It is important to examine your pet’s vitals and look out for any obvious changes in behavior.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put their Paw on You? – Top 6 Reasons

Golden Retrievers paw on people because they want attention and social interaction. The Golden Retriever will try to get your attention by pawing at you. They may try to convince you to pet them, talk to them, or play with them.

1) Your Retriever may want to communicate

You probably know that your dog is pawing at you to get something. You can have many things, but your dog may be looking for something. Your dog wants to interact with you and has a reason for pawing at you. Your attention is drawn away from your previous activities when your dog paws at your face. The attention now shifts to him and the interaction that you are having.

2) He May Want to Play

You can be sure that Retriever is eager to play with or seek your affection. If this happens, you should pay attention to him.

3) Maybe You Got Something He/She Wants

If you offer something to your dog, he might paw at it. Do you have a tennis or chewy ball? Golden may grab your arm to move the item closer to his face.

4) Your Dog Might Love to be Petted

It’s likely that you will notice your Golden Retriever licking your desk when you are working. It’s their way of attracting your attention. You should stroke your dog’s fur tenderly. All dogs want their owner to give them love and attention. So do Golden Retriever.

You should still be careful when handling your dog. Doing so will encourage the dogs to display bad behavior. Do not pat your dogs if they are jumping, because that will encourage them to think of it as a reward. Instead, you should make sure your dog sits still before you begin petting him.

5) Asking for Meal

You should pay attention to the surroundings when your Golden Retriever comes to you. Pay attention to the time and be aware of your dog’s habits. Your dog may be pawing at you for a variety of reasons. Jack may request dinner around seven in the night, and Jack might even ask for a walk soon after. This is because Jack and you have a routine.

Remember that your dog’s body language is how he communicates with you. You may be the doggie who paws at you for your attention. Daisy, your neighbor’s dog might prefer to pet her owner. You must remember that every part of your dog’s bodies will communicate their needs, emotions, or troubles. It is your responsibility as a pet parent to determine what your dog is trying and to help them understand.

golden retrievers paw on you Golden Retrievers’ Pawing is Natural

Even though golden retrievers will often paw you when they have a need, it’s important to ensure that their pawing is not excessive. If your golden retriever is in dire need of something, or just wants your attention then pawing can be a normal behavior. Pawing can sometimes be problematic or even harmful.

Your dog might think he’s in charge if he paws at you. This behavior is not something you want to encourage or permit. If your dog is doing this, you should tell him to stop.

Pawing may be a way for your dog to get more of what he has already received. If Jack is enjoying rubbing you, he could paw you if you stop. Golden Retrievers are adorable in all they do but still require guidance.

Your dog’s pawing should not be taken as a reward. Golden might want to be the center of attention but you are unable to give it, so it is important to let him know. All dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Dogs will also listen when you set rules. It is up you to decide what behaviors you will allow and which ones you won’t.

Here are Ways to Prevent Excessive Pawing

  • You want to make sure your dog is happy before you give them rules. If your dog really needs something, and you say no to him, it could cause more problems for both of you. Second, make sure to groom your dog’s paws.
  • You may get scratched by your dog’s nails and rough paws if he is always putting his hand on your clothing. You can train your dog to only paw on specific parts of your body so that it doesn’t bother you as much.
  • It is a good idea to take your dog to the veterinarian if your dog is having problems. You can also hire a behaviorist.

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How to Teach your Golden Retriever to Not Paw You All the Time?

Although pawing is an instinctive way for puppies and dogs to communicate, excessive pawing can lead to problems for their owners.

Your Dog Become Aggressive

Dog pawing is sweet only when it’s done to communicate, to show your love, or to request your affection. They will keep touching your arm and leg until you do what they want. This can be a sign that your Golden Retriever is aggressive and can cause problems.

Move Back a Little

It is possible to use a science-based, non-forceful method and a treat to train your pet dog. Do not allow your dog to paw-touch you. Instead, move one step backwards. The dog’s four legs should be flat on the ground. Only then can you respond with a treat and say “Good Boy/ Girl!”

Bacterial infections

Your Golden Retriever might get a bacterial infection if you don’t take care of their paw hygiene. High chances of getting bacterial infection. Your dog will explore the foreign object by running and pawing at it, and many bacteria species will become stuck to your pet’s skin.

How do you check if your dog has a paw infection? Redness, swelling, pain and drainage are all signs of a bacterial infection. Your pet should be cleaned at least once daily before going to sleep.

It can be Dangerous

Older Golden Retrievers with large paws, or if they have not been trimmed properly, can pose a danger to their safety. They are not like humans and cannot be controlled. Your skin and clothes could be damaged if your dog gets too excited.

This could be dangerous for children and babies. You can keep them safe by trimming their nails and removing any excess.

If neglected, it can cause infection and ingrown bacteria. Make sure your dog has a neat, trimmed nails!

Build a Trust

Trust is the most important thing when training your dog. You should not use negative reinforcement such as yelling, or even hurting your dog. You must also be consistent. Don’t let your behavior change during training. Your reward system should be consistent and your dog will learn faster if you don’t ignore him.

When to Ignore Him

You can ignore your golden paws and stop them from pointing at you. Although it may sound cold, it will let them know that they are not going to get anywhere if you ignore them.

How “Pawing” Can be a Bad Thing

What is the harm in putting a paw upon you? What are the best times to take control of these bad habits? Let’s have a look.

  1. The Golden Retriever “Paws” you until it gets what it wants
  2. You can help your golden retriever if it has been trying to get help or something else.
  3. This can make the behavior unattractive. It is possible for a golden retriever to learn that it can get its way by placing a paw upon you. You should consider stopping the behavior.
  4. This is called dominance. As we said, it is not good for dogs to believe they are the boss. It’s important to ensure that your golden retriever knows you are the boss and not the other.
  5. The Golden Retriever’s “Pawing”, Has Hurt Somebody
  6. Golden retrievers are not likely to mean to hurt anyone when they get their hands on someone. It just happened.
  7. It is no secret that golden retrievers have sharp claws. When they aren’t well maintained, their claws can become scratchy. A golden retriever’s claws can cause severe scratches and injuries if they try to get on someone.
  8. If your golden retriever has “pawed” you or another person and caused you to get some cuts, scratches, or other painful marks, it is best to take steps to stop this behavior.
  9. The Golden Retriever may start to do it to other dogs and strangers.
  10. We love our golden retrievers and they love us back. They are also very kind to strangers. Goldens are very social and will often approach dogs or people they don’t know. This is not only annoying, but can also cause serious injury to the golden.

Wrapping up

Golden retriever is an amazing dog. He makes his family and friends happy by all of the things he does. Your golden will need you sometimes. He will need your love every day. However, you must be strict about what you allow him to do.